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Since graduating from Indiana University in 2002, with a B.F.A. in metalsmithing and jewelry design, Amy Draper has opened a studio in Lincoln Park, started her own design business, and has been consistently selling her work in galleries and boutiques around the country.  With her work appearing in the renowned “Chicago is Red Hot” fashion show for several years, she has been garnering attention from the Chicago press, and was most recently dubbed a “hometown gem” by the Chicago Tribune.  In late November of 2006, Draper moved her studio to its current location where she now has a storefront showroom. 

Draper’s six jewelry collections are inspired by the unusual textures, colorations, and forms of movement that are found in nature.  The Links collection, characterized by hammered sterling silver rings linked together, was inspired by the beautiful visual quality of drops of rain on water.  Draper achieves the illusion of ripples on the rings by meticulously hammering the silver.  For the Bouquets collection, inspired by the repetition and beauty of details found within flowers, hand-hammered sterling silver is sculpted in to tiny rose petals on necklaces, bracelets, and rings.  A rich, tactile quality in her work is the result of her desire to create detailed surface textures that people will want to see and feel against their skin.

Draper’s hand is the only one to work on her designs.  The result of her endless hours spent in her Lincoln Park studio sawing, filing, soldering and brushing silver is that every piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind.  “I always focus on the details that make something interesting,” Draper told Factio Magazine in an interview.  “That is what keeps me going.  I can work on a section of a piece that is three millimeters for twelve straight hours.  I think that is what sets me apart from other artists, the details.”

Incorporating a wide range of materials, her collections are designed for luxury, comfort, and are timeless. Each collection she creates is versatile and interchangeable while appealing to individuals desiring the style and quality of jewelry that is viewed as a piece of art.

Amy Draper jewelry can be found at Amy Draper Fine Art Jewelry in Chicago, IL, Rena Sternberg Gallery in Glencoe, IL, Artifacts in Indianapolis, IN, and J. Cotter Gallery in Beaver Creek, CO.   Her jewelry was featured in Michigan Avenue Magazine in March 2009, in November 2007, CS Magazine in November 2007, Chicago Tribune in August 2007, WWD in July 2007, CS Magazine in June 2007, Front Desk Magazine in February 2007, CS Magazine in May 2005, Chicago Tribune in March 2003, Factio Magazine in February 2003, Chicago Tribune Magazine in December 2002, and various other publications. 

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